As we are sure you are aware, technology is the way of the future for gyms around the world. Members want to be assessing and tracking their training on the way to reaching their goals. Our products are an ideal retention tool and lead generator, giving your gym an immediate competitive advantage.

With fierce competition and gyms springing up all over the country, fitness enthusiasts are now becoming savvier and are realising that jumping on a scale is comparable to trying to check an email on their Nokia 3210!

We personally as a company have experienced how highly motivating these machines can be- even a disappointing test result immediately has the individual asking how to improve their current state- which is a great on-selling tool for gym memberships, PT sessions, supplements, training and nutrition programs.

Global Bodies can assist you by supplying one or a complete package of our sports science innovations
to truly separate your business from the marketplace by providing you with the latest state of the art technology.


Our hand selected product range consists of the most advanced, accurate and innovative sports testing equipment available.

A professional understanding of our progressive innovations enables us to develop solutions that continue to push the perceived limits of our body’s performance possibilities. We’re ahead of our game, so you can be ahead of yours.

Our mission is to unify and motivate individuals across the world through a desire to break through their body’s perceived performance limits and realize its full potential through cutting edge, sports science innovations.

We aim to achieve this by making our break through technology and sports science innovations accessible worldwide, through affordable and scalable implementation strategies that rewards both our performance partners and their clients.

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